Head Guards Trust Icon Semi Leather Black


  • ⭐100% Thai handmade 🇹🇭
  • ⭐100% Semi Leather
  • ⭐Semi Leather
  • ⭐Solid padding makes nice protection for nose, cheek and full-face. 0.8 inch thickness padding for check, which makes enough protection for check, 1 inch padding for protecting forehead and reduce shock,0.4 inch padding for protecting ears.
  • ⭐Luxury high quality design 
  • ⭐Manufactured with memory foam technology🥇
  • ⭐Triple layer shock absorber padding 💪🏻
  • ⭐Padded face bar ensures you stay secure against nasty cuts and blows to your face. The protective bar battles high impact strikes. It further confirms your vision is not disturbed.
  • ⭐Strong, water repellent lining💧